Eyelash Extensions - is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelash. The extensions may consist of synthetic hair. Methods of applying the extensions include clusters and individual one-by-one extensions.
Lash removal 140
Lash lifting 680
Lash lifting with tinting 880
Lash Perming 400
Lash extension individuals 700
Lash extension Cluster 430


Threading - is a unique technique using cotton thread to remove unwanted facial hair with relatively less pain and precision to give the clean look that can't be achieved by waxing or tweezing!
Brow shaping + threading 180
Upperlip 90
Lower lip 90
Forehead 120
Full face 410
Sideburns 120
Cheeks 110
Chin 100
Neck 100


Tinting - is something that is done at salon by a specialist and preety much dying your eyebrow to match your hair colour

Tinted eyebrows - easy way to darken your eyebrows and the perfect solution for those unwanted grays hair.
Tinted eyelashesh - no more messy mascara.
Brow shaping & Tinting 310
Lash tinting 200
Brow tinting 160